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Specialty Group Classes:

Pre-natal Mat/Ball/Springboard

Doctor or Midwife permission required.
This safe yet challenging pre-natal Pilates class includes a Pilates based mat, ball, roller and springboard repertoire focusing on strengthening the abdominals, pelvic floor, upper back and lateral pelvic stabilizers. Learn proper breathing, postural awareness and safe stretches to ease neck and upper back tension, tight hips and aching feet. Includes a series of safe and effective home practice exercises for the early postnatal period. All levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience necessary.


Small Group Classes - Pre-registration only

Please see: www.preggopilates.com for details

Post-natal Mom & Baby

Pre-crawling babies welcome
NOTE: If you are less than 6 weeks post-natal or 8 weeks post-Cesarean please email Stephanie before attending class at Stephanie@preggopilates.com

Re-integrate and reconnect to your core and pelvic floor. Preggo Pilates Postnatal helps relieve back pain by strengthening your core, pelvic floor, arms and back. Core strengthening improves your posture, eases tightness and tension from lack of sleep, breast/bottle feeding and baby carrying. Learn simple tricks to ease the physical and postural challenges that come with having a newborn, while also toning all those areas that have turned into jello along the way to Mamahood. All levels welcome. No previous Pilates experience required.


Tuesday & Thursday at 11:00 am

Pre-registration is highly encouraged for both classes, as space is limited!

Which Class is Right for You?

Mixed-level group classes are appropriate for those without injuries and with prior Pilates experience (approximately 10 hours). As with all of our mixed level classes, appropriate variations and modifications will be taught for each level.

If you are “New to Pilates”, we highly recommend taking at least one private one-on-one session. Private sessions are the fastest way to bring you up to speed for group classes by learning the Pilates language and understanding your body. Please click here for information on private sessions.

Preggo Pilates Class Pricing:

$20 / 1 Class Drop-in
$95 / 5 Class Pack (90-day expiration)
$180 / 10 Class Pack (90-day expiration)
$45 / Supersaver Card (3 Class Pack with 15-day expiration)
6-week series: $90
Please click here for information on EHS Unlimited Memberships!

Preggo Pilates Workshop Series

12 Week Cycles • Pre-Registration Required

To register, please contact Stephanie directly at: stephanie@preggopilates.com

Intermediate Postnatal

Mamas only, no babies in tow, so that you may focus completely on your workout session.
Previous Pilates experience required. If interested, but you are new to Pilates, contact stephanie@preggopilates.com to discuss your options.

A more challenging workout that builds on the Pilates fundamentals taught in Mom & Baby Pilates Class. This is an equipment-based class for those Mamas wishing to intensify and deepen their postnatal Pilates practice. The focus is on safe and deep core work, increased upper body workouts, toning and stretching for hips, butt and thighs.

Pilates for Diastasis Small Group Equipment Class

Mamas only, no babies in tow, so that you may focus completely on your workout session.

For all you Mamas who need support in healing your split abdominals this class provides the perfect opportunity to deepen your Pilates practice while also learning exercises aimed at specifically bringing your abs back together. This group will also help keep you on track with homework exercises. Homework, support and guidance provided. Each group is limited to 3-4 participants.

If you have not already had a diastasis intake and assessment with Stephanie, you will need to schedule one prior to beginning the class. ($140)