Gait Therapy Program

Pain Relief through Better Body Mechanics:

Nancy Myers, Director of the Gait Therapy Program at the EHS Wellness Center has put together a team of talented therapists to work with you on your foot and gait needs. "We start with awareness, the first step in correcting postural habits contributing to pain reduction and better alignment.  After a static and dynamic postural analysis, we release, stabilize and strengthen for more functional sitting, standing and walking."-Nancy Myers

The foot and gait therapy center strives for pain relief through better body mechanics using the Pilates Method and the brand new CoreAlign system, come walk yourself into a pain free body!

Musculoskeletal pain affects many people of all ages, simple misalignments over many years can cause wear and tear on joints and discs and ill fitting footwear on hard flat surfaces can destroy the feet.
Many pain syndromes are a result of slight deviations in walking gait pattern and can be felt in the feet all the way up through the body into the neck and jaw.
Remember the song?  The leg bone’s connected to the…….yes, it’s all connected and was meant to work together in harmony.  
In our society, the average person takes 10,000 steps per day, misalignments over time can become chronic pain.  Chronic pain can affect every aspect of your quality of life and mostly the symptoms are treated through pain management drugs instead of treating the cause; bad posture and inefficient movement patterns."
Correcting misaligned patterns to produce a more efficient and functional seated, standing, walking and movement pattern overall.

To set up an appointment for foot or gait issues, please contact or call 415-285-5808 to book an apointment.

Nancy Myers' "Fabulous Feet" Kit
Fab Feet

The Gait Therapy Progmam uses the  system.

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