Pilates Classes

EHS Pilates offers a wide range of Group Classes at all levels. Class offerings include: Mat, Springboard, Reformer, Wunda Chair, CoreAlign, Intro, Mixed Apparatus, Arc, and Qi Gong, as well as specialty classes such as Gentle Pilates and Preggo Pilates. In addition, EHS Pilates offers many different packages allowing a cost-effective way to incorporate Pilates & Movement into your daily life.

Which Class is Right for You?

Mixed-level group classes are appropriate for those without injuries and with prior Pilates experience. As with all of our mixed level classes, appropriate variations and modifications will be taught for each level. If you are “New to Pilates”, we highly recommend taking our Private Intro 3 Pack. Private sessions are the fastest way to bring you up to speed for group classes by learning the Pilates language and understanding your body. At the least you must attend approximately 10 Intro classes.

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 Class Schedule

Cancelation Policy

  • 12 hour cancelation policy for all group classes. Due to safety concerns no one may enter a class after the 10 minute warm up.